When I say that I read everything, I mean I read EVERYTHING.  From bios to erotica, if it is well written, or have potential to be a great read, I am all over it. No matter the genre, I simply love reading. 

But my favorite reads are from indie authors. It is not because an indie author is a  better story teller, it is because I know that behind the indie author's story  lies courage. 

How many times have an indie author been told by a publisher, by an agent, or by a wanna-be reviewer that their creation was not good enough? How many times have an indie author considered giving up on their dream...on their talent... on their creativity because of what someone else has said, but decided to pushed on to say, "To hell with it, if they will not publish me, I will publish myself!"   

It is the courage to keep going, the fact that they continue to believe in themselves when they may have been told to give up, the fact that they continue to keep on, keeping on that draws me to them. 

It is the courage behind the writing that makes the indie author a great author. 

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    An avid reader, I wonder what the future holds for life in the indie  publishing world... 


    June 2012